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FLOW: Petcha Kucha 
3rd August at 7pm via Zoom


FLOW is a festival of bold and imaginative arts and culture made with, by and for Children in Birmingham and Sandwell, produced and curated by The Parakeet for the Birmingham 2022 Festival. 


Childhood Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow an exploration of how academia can shape how we view, think about, and plan for childhood today and in the future while appreciating where we have come from. 


We are pleased to announce an event to bring the amazing research happening around children and childhood to a wider audience through a series of Pecha Kucha-style presentations for FLOW Children's Biennial curated by Andrea Davies. 


You will hear presenters from all disciplines including health, education, geography, history, art and play work. 


Presenters will share how their research can be used and implemented by the general public including parents, teachers, and community leaders. The Pecha Kucha style calls for a 10-minute presentation where presenters show 20 slides and talk about each slide for roughly 30 seconds in an easy-to-follow, conversational style.

About the curator 

Andrea Davis has over a decade of experience working with children of all ages across 7 different countries. She has received a BA in Liberal Arts and MA in Child Development from Sarah Lawrence College and is currently working on a PhD in Education from the University of Birmingham. Andrea is passionate about working with children and teachers in developing countries to help teachers find new and better ways of teaching that work within the constraints of their limited resources. She is a fierce advocate for giving children the time and space to learn through play, creativity, and exploration.

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