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FLOW Micro Bursary: Applications are open...
Deadline: 29th July 2022 (deadline extended)


FLOW Artist Development: Micro Bursary aims to lay the foundations for an increase in the making of artistic work for/by/with children and young people.

The FLOW Artist Development Micro Bursary will provide seed funding for artists/creative practitioners to develop their practice through self-determined professional development activity that responds to their interests around child-centred art making practices.

We encourage applications from artists working in all arts disciplines that reflect innovative and ambitious thinking in the making of artistic work for/by/with children. Artists will be encouraged to work with researchers and academics to underpin their work to theory inspired by the emerging themes of FLOW Children’s Biennial:

Children + Artists and the Flow State | Play + Creativity | Children as designers/makers


Deadline: 29th July 22 
Cohort session meet: Monday 8th August at 4.30pm
Duration of bursary activities: August-October
Cohort final meeting to share findings: 15th October 22
Bursary awardees will be supported by Programme Director, Amy Martin through 1-2-1 mentoring and support.

How to apply:

Please provide a 1-2 mins Video/audio recording or a 500 word written outline of what you would propose to explore using the micro-bursary and how it relates to your practice. Please include either a CV or artist biography. E:
If you feel that you need further support in submitting an application please get in touch.


Bursaries are available to artists/creative practitioners from the West Midlands. Applications must be provided in English. Applications are accepted from a range of arts practices, including: drawing, painting, theatre sculpture, illustration, dance, printmaking, music, digital, photography, film, video, applied art, live art, design and social art practice. Please message to enquire if you are unsure whether you are eligible.


Funds can be used towards the production of new works, costs associated with research and development, a ‘go see’ budget and paid time for research. We are interested to know how your findings could support the development of a future children’s biennial. It is a requirement of the Micro bursary that practitioners share their reflections through a short written report or a creative response.


Micro bursary amount: £500

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